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Barbecue party

Barbecue party

Barbecue party for Mari’s birthday

We had a barbecue party 2 weeks ago to celebrate my girlfriend’s birthday.
Sorry I got around writing this so late after the party, haven’t had a proper time to sit and write since the birthday party.

She wanted us to have a party at our house in barbecue style and I think that the party was a success. everyone seemed to enjoy and at least we had no leftovers so the food was well appreciated by our guests.

A lot of preparation was required, we were expecting over 30 guests. A few days in advance we ordered some drinks, water, wine, beer, cider etc. Day before we went and bought all the food needed so all that was left for the D-day, was just to cook everything. I had a brainstorming session one night during the week before the party to plan a menu.

The menu

I made 2 salads, a green salad and a crunchy pasta salad, Roasted baby potatoes, Baby back ribs, Teriyaki chicken and Curry shrimps and Grilled eggplant and zucchini marinated in olive oil, garlic and parsley. I grilled some sausages, chicken, pork and steaks also that our guests had brought with them. In total I ended up spending about 4 hours in front of the grill but it was worth it I think, considering no food was left over. There was a bit of Sangria left over, but we made 2 buckets of it.. 😀 But making buckets of sangria in my barbecue events is sort of tradition. And I have a good, simple recipe for sangria.

Day of the birthday party

preparing sangria for barbecue party
The making of Sangria, Mari was on Fruit stabbing duty.

We started the day by making the salads and chopping and washing everything ready for the grill. Mari did some cleaning for the house and I made last preparations for the balcony and roof. We had a preparation and cleaning day weekend before, which ended with some nice hamburgers.

We had most of the preparations done when the guests started to arrive. With all the preparations almost done I had time to sit down and enjoy the sun and company of friends before I started the grilling process.

tray of roasted baby potatoes
Roasted baby potatoes out from the oven, they look quite good don’t they?

Firing up the grill

grilling ribs and vegetables
Ribs, zucchini and eggplant on the grill.

It was time get the barbecue party going, so around 6.30pm I fired up the grill and prepared what our friends had brought with them. They obviously were hungrier as they brought own food so I prepared theirs first. And I had quite a lot to cook from what we had prepared so I couldn’t fit anything in the grill during that time, and also I could keep a steady flow of food coming for the evening from our preparations.

After I had cooked our guests offerings, I put the baby back ribs on the grill as they require at least an hour of slow heat on the grill. And I had 3 ribs so they took quite a lot of space from the grill. So get done with them first, in the meantime with what little space I had left on the grill, I cooked eggplant and zucchini and pasted them with mixture of olive oil, garlic and parsley. While waiting for the ribs to finish, I had put baby potatoes in the oven to have them ready about the time with the ribs. After the ribs were done, it took about 10 minutes and they were all gone 😀

cutting ribs
Ready to serve ribs.
teriyaki chicken for barbecue party
Teriyaki chicken on the grill using an oven dish to cook so no marinade is lost.

Half way there

After I served the ribs I got the roasted baby potatoes from downstairs and served them on the table. Next thing to the grill was teriyaki chicken, I had 1.5kilo of chicken cut into strips and they had been marinating in teriyaki sauce for 6 hours. I used a large oven dish in the grill to get a nice, caramelized stickiness on

grilled shrimps
Curry shrimps marinated in butter. They were soo gooood!

the chickens. Instead of all that juiciness leaking trough the griddle on the grill. Last thing to cook was the shrimps, which had been marinating in melted butter and curry powder for few hours. I skewered the shrimps and quickly grilled them over high heat. Just enough to cook them through but not getting chewy shrimps. Shrimps can get tough and dry if overcooked, mistake that can easily happen with barbecuing shirimps. Didn’t make that mistake and I think this turned out the best shrimps I’ve ever eaten.

It was past 10pm that I had finished grilling all the food we had prepared. But I had a really nice time, mingling with people passing by the grill and coming for snacks. After the cooking was over, it was time to…

Kick back and drink sangria

With all the food grilled it was time for me to join the crowd on the roof top, sit down and drink sangria. Around midnight almost all the people left for nightclubs, which meant that it was time for me to take a bit more comfortable position, prepare a shisha pipe and chill. Well-deserved after almost 4 hours of cooking earlier the evening. So the night ended with me and couple friends sharing a shisha, chatting and having few drinks.

It was a great evening for the barbecue party, nice people, tasty food and relaxing atmosphere.

I apologize for the picture quality, it was dark while cooking and didn’t get that many pictures taken and some picture files were corrupted..

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  1. Everything was yummy, exvept for the curry shrimp. That was divine. Still dteam about it.

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