This is my food blog


I’ve created this food blog to share recipes and to talk about food and cooking with you, and with anyone really..

I’ve learned cooking simply by trial and error. I haven’t taken any cooking lessons or went to any culinary school. So don’t expect any professional advice here 😀 Although cooking school was my 2nd choice if I didn’t get picked with my first choice of carpenter school. So something in me already was interested to learn to cook at a young age. Instead it took a while to discover this passion of mine. And maybe someday, if my dream comes true and I end up having a small restaurant. Some of the furniture in it might be made by my own hands. Would be nice to design and make your own furniture to create the exact feel and look you want for your own restaurant.

So what eventually drove me to cook and learn about it?

I wanted to be able to give something good to eat for my friends and loved ones. In a way it’s my way of showing how much I care for them. And why not, if you care for someone, you should want him or her to taste something good. Something that makes them feel better.

Food blog Cheese and bacon hamburger with caramelized onions Food blog Valentine's chicken with brown rice and fried pineapples in creamy goat cheese sauce with carrots and peas Food Blog Vegetarian risotto with zucchini, broccoli florets, paprika and onions with Parmesan on top Food blog Argentinian beef steak with roasted potatoes, red wine gravy with onions and a side salad

We all have to eat anyway.

So jump over to my food blog and see what I had to say about my cooking 🙂

There is also recipes section if you want to try to cook the same dishes I have made for someone. I don’t cook like this every day, but always trying to make something good to eat.

Food blog Pureed lentil soup with garlic croutons and goat cheese

Sometimes I host dinner parties in my home so that will be a reoccurring theme in my food blog, to cook some good food to my friends and loved ones.