Grilled salmon recipe with dill mustard pesto glazing

How was your weekend?

How was your weekend?

I had a quite eventful weekend, in the sense of getting stuff done. Didn’t party really apart from the typical Friday afterwork shenanigans.. 1 more pint, maybe 1 more.. 1 more? Had a whole day planned for Saturday so I didn’t stay up late in the end.

The Weekend

3 mushroom salad recipe
Mushroom salad made from portobello, chestnut and oyster mushrooms.

Sadly those plans I had for Saturday, had to be scrapped as Mari, my girlfriend got a bad case of flu. So instead I wanted to write a recipe for a mushroom salad I always make for Christmas, and damn it turned out good (again, it was good before as well). Apart from couple complaints that the house smells like mushrooms.. (mari is not a fan of shrooms).

So I did some grocery shopping on the afternoon. Also needed a visit to a hardware store for light bulbs and adapters for electric sockets and on spur of a moment I went to small garden shop and got basil, parsley and mint. Rest of the Saturday was spent potting few herbs, making my mushroom salad and checking on Mari once in a while if she needed anything. And doing some random recipe browsing on the internet, for inspiration.

The Breakfast club

Sunday morning I made us a breakfast. I would want to call it a brunch but we didn’t serve any alcohol with the breakfast, hence in my opinion it’s not a brunch 😀 I’m really lazy to make a breakfast every day but I do it for weekends at least. Sunday is a must have breakfast, it’s the best day for a lazy breakfast. Not in a hurry to anywhere so you have time to prepare and eat. For this time, I saw a fun recipe for a hole-in-a-bread-egg few days ago and wanted to give it a try. You cut a hole on a toast and fry the egg inside that hole, you can roast the cut out hole on a pan also as I have done here.

Breakfast plate with bacon, egg in a toast, goat cheese on leafs and sliced cucumber, carrot and tomato. Fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee.

Pimp my balcony

Then on the afternoon I got around to doing what we had planned for Saturday, go to a Homemate. It’s the place to go when you want to pimp your home or balcony space. Mari still stayed home but I had the company of 2 friends who recently moved to a new place and they also needed few things for their new home. I ended up spending quite a bit but it was worth it. Now our balcony and roof terrace is gonna be geared for the summer parties 🙂

The Food

After getting back from Homemate, it was about time for a dinner. I wanted to visit one of my old recipes, Grilled salmon with dill mustard. I thought I could make some improvements, and well, I was right. Now the recipe is for Grilled salmon glazed with dill pesto.

dill pesto glazing
Dill pesto I used as a glazing for the salmon.

Using a mortar and pestle I made a paste from green peppers, garlic, dill, olive oil, lemon zest and dijon mustard. I had an idea that all this ingredients would make a great compliment to a salmon. I brushed the pesto on the salmon that I first dried with kitchen towel, so the pesto would better stick on the salmon flesh. Grinded some black pepper on top and put the salmon aside. While the salmon was marinating on the dill pesto, I made salad out of avocado, cucumber and feta cheese. After the salmon had marinated for about 45 minutes, I started to heat up the grill and clean it. I hadn’t used it in a while.

The salmon took about 16 minutes on the grill, I don’t like turning the fish when I cook it on barbecue because it can break so easily and fall through the BBQ griddle. So I always buy fish fillets with skin on if I cook them on a barbecue. The skin will prevent the fish from burning, allowing you to cook it through from 1 side. Remember to add salt just before you start cooking the fish, not before!

After the salmon was cooked through. I covered it with foil and proceeded to boil some bulgur to go with the salmon and avocado and cucumber salad. When bulgur was ready it was time to plate up and eat. And the food, it was so good that I even felt happy thinking tomorrow is Monday! Should always eat something good on Sunday evenings…

grilled salmon with bulgur and avocado
Grilled salmon with dill pesto glazing, Bulgur and Avocado&Cucumber salad







That pretty much sums up my weekend. Hope you had a good one as well 🙂

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