About me

About me

The why and what is this about?

This is about food, good, delicious food.

Why I created this food blog

I wanted to find a way to express my passion for food and cooking, and the need to learn more about it. I wish to create some kind of a discussion about food. I’m no expert in cooking but at least my cooking creations usually get eaten with compliments or in silent approval. So I finally felt somewhat confident to start writing my own blog about food. And I do hope you find your stay on my blog worthwhile.

So why do I cook?

I cook because I want to give something good to eat to people I care about. It’s also a great way to get your friends together, sit down, eat, chat, drink, laugh and just enjoy a good time with others. It makes the evening more intimate when you yourself cook the food for a friend. In the current, digitized world it sometimes feels a rare occasion to meet your friends. That’s also partly the reason, to be able to see your friends in some other location then pubs 😀

I also find cooking to be somewhat therapeutic and relaxing, just thinking of what you are preparing in the kitchen. And then eating that delicious food you just created.
It’s a nice way to spend an evening even by yourself, you take your comfort food recipe, cook with no hurry or worry in your life. And then sit down with your food and enjoy a glass of something nice with the food. mmM-mmmm .. omnomnom

Who am I?

I’m a guy around my thirties, I was born and raised in Finland, on the countryside, where the reindeer roam the forests. But I haven’t lived in Finland since 2005, first I spent few years in Ireland and currently I’m living in Malta. Being from the countryside, you experienced cooking at a young age already, around camp fires, forest cabins or summer houses. Barbecue, my favorite choice of cooking comes from that background I guess. One day I hope I could have my own, small barbecue themed restaurant.

In my cooking I’ve taken some influence from a few cooking shows, namely Iron Chef, River Cottage and Anthony Bourdain: No reservations.


Cheers and thank you for visiting my blog,