Barbecue is my favorite cooking method. BBQ is an activity you do outdoors and you get fresh air and sun. Food cooked outside in some way also tastes better I think and it’s more fun. Sitting outside with your friends, talking and listening to the sizzling noise coming from the grill. Having few drinks maybe and listening to music, taking good care of the food you prepare. Slowly turning your beef or fish portions till they are cooked through.

our roof top terrace

Barbecue party for Mari’s birthday We had a barbecue party 2 weeks ago to celebrate my girlfriend’s birthday. Sorry I got around writing this so late after the party, haven’t had a proper time to sit and write since the birthday party. She wanted us to have a party atRead More →

beef hamburger

It’s getting warmer and the day starts to last longer here in Malta. So it’s time to get out of hibernation and it’s… Time for summer parties Last weekend we did some cleaning and fixing and planting on our roof terrace. Now we are ready to entertain on our roof. HaveRead More →