Weekend is the best time to chill, cook something nice and have a delicious dinner with friends. Cooking is a way of relaxing for me and weekend is about taking time for yourself after a you are done with work for the week. Often we invite friends over for barbecue and chilling on the roof terrace during Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

our roof top terrace

Barbecue party for Mari’s birthday We had a barbecue party 2 weeks ago to celebrate my girlfriend’s birthday. Sorry I got around writing this so late after the party, haven’t had a proper time to sit and write since the birthday party. She wanted us to have a party atRead More →

Grilled salmon recipe with dill mustard pesto glazing

I had a quite eventful weekend, in the sense of getting stuff done. Didn’t party really apart from the typical Friday afterwork shenanigans.. 1 more pint, maybe 1 more.. 1 more? Had a whole day planned for Saturday so I didn’t stay up late in the end. The Weekend SadlyRead More →