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Cheesy Chorizo pasta

Ingredients for Cheesy Chorizo pasta recipe:

Cheesy chorizo pasta recipe
Cheesy Chorizo pasta, garnished with black pepper and parsley. So yummy!
  • 1 Chorizo sausage (about 350-500g)
  • 5 dl of fresh cream
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 350-400g of cheese (you can use more then 1 cheese)
  • Chopped parsley
  • 500g of pasta (preferably fusilli or penne)
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Olive oil (or butter)

How to cook this

Slice chorizo into thin cuts, about 3-4 millimeters. Finely chop garlic and parsley and shred the cheese (unless you bought it ready shredded). I used cheddar and red leicester, 200g of both.

Boil water ready for the pasta. Heat up a pan and add olive oil or butter and start frying the chorizo on medium heat, be careful not to burn those chorizo slices. You just want them little bit crispy and color. Keep stirring the pan when the chorizo are frying. After 1-2 minutes lower the heat to low and add chopped garlic and keep frying till chorizo is nicely browned. Add cream and the shredded cheese.

At this point you can put pasta in the boiling water. It should take about 8-9 minutes for fusilli or penne pasta to be al dente. Check the pasta by tasting when it will be ready. You don’t want to overcook your pasta. While the pasta is boiling, keep stirring the cheese sauce to melt all the cheese. When you see the cheese has melted with the sauce, add small handful of parsley. Leave small amount of parsley to add on a plate as garnish.

Drain the pasta and put back on the pot, spoon some cheese sauce in the pasta and mix well to coat all pasta in the sauce.

Pile pasta on a plate, add a generous amount chorizo sauce on top.Garnish cheesy chorizo pasta plates with small amount of parsley, parmesan and black pepper.

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